Menopause can change many things in your body, including your hair!

Is Menopause Changing My Hair?

Any woman who’s been through it can tell you that menopause is about more than just your period stopping– it affects your whole entire body, and often not in the most pleasant ways. If you’re currently going through menopause and are wondering if some new change in your body is caused by it, there’s a…

For women in menopause, hormonal replacement therapy can be the key to feeling like yourself again

What to Expect When You Enter Menopause

There are certain aspects of getting older that everyone dislikes, but for many women, there’s one looming specter of dread on the horizon– menopause. It’s something that you hear horror stories about from your female friends and relatives from your youth, and by the time menopause is drawing closer for you, it’s enough stress to…