When you have concerns about your health, it’s important to know and trust who is involved in your care. When all of your testing is taken care of in one place, you know who is running your tests and you can get your results faster with less running from place to place. Renewed Vitality offers onsite lab testing for all of your hormonal treatment needs.

What Kinds Of Tests Do We Run?
What Kinds Of Payment Options Do We Offer?

What Kinds Of Tests Do We Run?

Here at Renewed Vitality, we take pride in the wide range of tests available for our patients. We can test thyroid hormone levels, measure baseline percentages of hormones being produced in your body, and discuss our findings with you all in one place, thanks to our dedicated on site lab services. We are ready to get your results back to you fast, so we can plan the next stage of your personalized treatment.

Do I have hormone imbalance?

If you’re unsure whether or not you need testing, use our symptom checker for men or women.

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What Kinds Of Payment Options Do We Offer?

Medical treatment should not be out of reach for anyone because of cost. At Renewed Vitality will work with you directly to determine what payment option works best for you. We accept cash, credit and check in office and at our onsite lab.


When it comes to our practice, we employ a patient-first mentality. We’re proud to offer individualized treatments for every one of our patients. Hormone imbalance is a complicated multifaceted condition unique to each person dealing with it, so we make sure to carefully listen to your experience so we can meet your specific needs.

With over three decades of experience in healthcare, our founder and chief practitioner Becky McClure knows how to best meet you where you are. As a registered CRNP, she’s an expert regarding pellet therapy in the Reading area. For over 10 years, Becky has been serving both men and women with hormone imbalance including herself. With personal experience, she and her staff are ready to take action for you!

If you’re interested in learning more about how bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help you get your life back on track, give us a call or send us a message to schedule your consultation today. The road to wellness can be a long journey, but luckily you aren’t alone!

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