Testosterone levels in men can fluctuate just like every other hormone. If you are experiencing symptoms of lower testosterone levels, there are solutions through Renewed Vitality!

What Does Testosterone Do?
What Are The Causes of Low Testosterone?
What Are The Symptoms?

What Does Testosterone Do?

Testosterone is a hormone produced within the body and it regulates a wide range of functions within the male body. These functions include fat distribution, body hair growth, building and maintaining muscle mass and strength, producing red blood cells and sperm, as well as regulating libido (sex drive). Testosterone also tells your body when to begin growing throughout various points in your life. With healthy levels of this hormone, the male body is active and healthy. Most men produce testosterone continually throughout their lives.

Sex hormones molecular formula. Testosterone Hormones symbol.

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Are Your Testosterone Levels Healthy?

What Are The Causes Of Lowered Testosterone?

Over time, hormone levels can decrease with age. Usually, this has nothing to do with any other problems other than the normal degeneration in hormone production. Sometimes however, this imbalance can be the result of issues with the pituitary or adrenal glands, or the testicles.

Regardless of the cause however, there are solutions! The hormone specialists at Renewed Vitality are prepared to assist in correcting the hormone imbalance and easing your symptoms with specially curated treatment plans for every individual patient.

Did you know?

Testosterone is not only produced by the testicles. Various parts of the endocrine system produce different levels of testosterone. This ensures that the body has some source of the hormone no matter what. In addition, beyond physical growth, testosterone also contributes to mood regulation. With healthy levels of testosterone in your system, your mood is more stable and every part of your body runs more efficiently.


If you aren’t sure if you are experiencing lowered testosterone levels, it’s important to understand the symptoms. Being aware of how efficiently your body and mind are working is a great way to identify if something is amiss. The most typical symptoms include lowered energy, decreased sex drive, and lowered muscle mass and tone.

If you suspect you have lower testosterone levels, talk to a hormone expert like the professionals at Renewed Vitality.


Lowered Sex Drive

Decreased Muscle Mass/Strength

Erectile Dysfunction

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