Debra Hampton

We’re excited to announce that Debra Hampton joined Renewed Vitality in early 2020 and has been doing great work ever since. She’s the newest member of our team and a board-certified   Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner with the National Certification Corporation

Debra completed her undergraduate degree at Eastern University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She continued to pursue her love of education by graduating with a Master’s Degree from Drexel University in 2012. She received BioIdentical Hormone Replacement training under the supervision of Rebecca McClure CRNP.

While working as a Labor and Delivery Nurse, she decided to expand her passion by specializing in women’s health so she could provide care for women throughout their lifespans, from adolescence through menopause. Now with more than 27 years years of experience both in the hospital and office setting, she’s committed to providing excellent patient care and satisfying the medical needs of each patient. 

Debra’s professional emphasis has been focused on preventative medicine and maintaining wellness. She enjoys building meaningful relationships with her patients and working together to provide them with education for greater empowerment regarding their health care decisions.

Obstetrics was Debra’s passion for many years, until she started training under Rebecca McClure, Renewed Vitality’s practitioner. Debra saw how McClure was changing the lives of others with BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and how she treated issues associated with aging. Men and women are able to regain their life back by improving their quality of life. 

Since the beginning of her career, Debra has enjoyed caring for women in all stages of their lives and strives to make a positive difference in their health journeys. Renewed Vitality helps make that difference happen, and is the main reason why she decided to join the team. Everyone at Renewed Vitality works as a family, doing their best to positively impact patient lives.

Debra’s favorite thing about working at Renewed Vitality is being able to engage with wonderful patients and staff. Renewed Vitality offers a welcoming atmosphere not just with the staff, but with each and every person who comes to the office. According to Debra, working at Renewed Vitality makes it possible to build meaningful relationships with patients and share in the excitement of their lives.

Debra’s work helps Renewed Vitality impact patient well beings by taking the time to listen and help them regain important parts of their lives. She shared that she is married to a wonderful man, and they have 4 children: 2 sons and 2 daughters. When she’s not hard at work helping patients, Debra likes to spend time with her family and explore the outdoors. 

Please welcome Debra Hampton to our wonderful team

Renewed Vitality is the Berks County area’s premier facility for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and other treatments. We serve both men and women, offering trusted, effective care that relieves hormone imbalance symptoms and restores quality of life for patients at all stages of life. To learn more, feel free to contact Renewed Vitality today!

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