Your thyroid is a small gland at the front of your neck that produces a lot of your body’s hormones. When your thyroid, for one reason or another, doesn’t produce hormones correctly, you either have hypothyroidism, which is when hormone levels are too low, or hyperthyroidism, when they’re too high. Issues with the thyroid can affect people of all ages and can seriously influence your health across the board, but a lot of the time these conditions aren’t easy to catch early on because their symptoms can be subtle, and you might think that they don’t mean anything or that they have another cause. All health issues are best caught early on, including thyroid problems, so if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms and other explanations aren’t adding up, it’s possible that there’s something going on with your thyroid.

Digestive Problems

A lot of symptoms of thyroid problems can present on opposite ends of a spectrum depending on whether you’re dealing with hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, and digestion is definitely one of them. With hyperthyroidism, you may have very loose stools, and with hypothyroidism, you may find yourself frequently constipated. These issues can of course have many other causes, but if you’re experiencing other signs of thyroid dysfunction, and especially if these digestive problems are unusual for you, it’s important not to dismiss them. 

Mood Problems

Higher or lower levels of hormones than what your body needs can lead to your moods changing in ways that are difficult to handle, causing you to potentially struggle with anger or low moods when you didn’t previously. If anxiety, depression, or anger issues aren’t things you typically struggle with and now you’re experiencing them for seemingly no reason, your thyroid might be to blame.

Unexpected Changes in Weight

This is a big one that you should never ignore if it happens to you. If you notice a big change in your weight suddenly or unexpectedly, it’s a sign that something is going on. This can mean weight gain but also weight loss, and although you may be pleased to find yourself mysteriously shedding pounds, unexplained weight loss is as much of a health red flag as unexplained weight gain is, and both should be discussed with your doctor if they happen to you.

Hair Loss

If you find yourself losing more hair than usual in the shower or when you brush it, or if your hair is just looking really thin and you’re finding balding spots, a thyroid issue might be the culprit. As with many warning signs of thyroid problems, this once can have some other causes. If you’re a man and baldness runs in your family, for example, then thinning hair might not surprise you, or if you’re under a serious amount of stress in your life, you might find your hair starting to fall out in noticeable amounts, but if you notice your hair thinning along with other signs of thyroid issues, you should discuss it with your doctor.

Changes in How You Experience Temperature

This sign can be subtle and difficult to notice, but if you find yourself feeling much hotter or colder than normal, or having less tolerance to hot and cold weather, it can indicate that your thyroid isn’t functioning properly. This one mostly comes down to your personal baseline. Some people just run hot or cold! But if you suddenly want to keep your coat and gloves on inside the house all the time and can’t figure out why, or you’re red-faced and sweaty on a day where the heat normally wouldn’t have bothered you as much, it’s not something to just sweep aside. 


Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are treatable, but ignoring the signs of these conditions can have serious effects on your health and your life, so if you notice symptoms such as these that are unusual and not easily explained by something else, don’t ignore them. Getting tested for thyroid problems is simple and can help you get the treatment you need. If you live in the Berks County area and you suspect there may be something wrong with your thyroid, contact Renewed Vitality. We are the premier facility for hormone replacement therapy in the area, and we are ready to help you.

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