As you all know, Pennsylvania has set strict shelter-in-place orders to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. While it’s important to follow the guidelines to protect those in the community as well as your own health, it can be hard to find ways to stay connected and entertained without leaving your home for long periods of time. Read below for ideas on ways to curb your boredom while at home.

Check Out a Local Virtual Attraction

Although many local businesses have closed their doors temporarily due to COVID-19, you can still visit some attractions through free virtual tours online. Hawk Mountain Sanctuary is a popular spring and summer destination for hiking and birdwatching but until the trails open back up, you can still connect with nature, learn about animals and hear from scientists and educators with new online programs every week.

The Reading Public Museum has also been ordered to close temporarily, but you can still learn more about some pieces in their collection on their website. Browse their Arms and Armor exhibition, read about Pennsylvania German objects, or find one of their other collections that interests you. If you enjoy learning about the history of aviation, the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum also offers a virtual tour of their space online. Take the tour here.

Tackle Home Projects

Now that we have all been spending more time in our homes, it’s common to have noticed home improvement projects or DIY crafts that you want to tackle. Don’t wait any longer! Grab your paintbrush or hammer and get the job done. Whether it’s adding a fresh coat of paint, thoroughly spring cleaning, or sprucing up your yard for when backyard barbecues are eventually allowed, use this slow time at home to check off the items on your to-do list. You’ll enjoy spending time in your new and improved space and feel productive and motivated to tackle even more projects.

Connect With Friends and Family

As important as it is to social distance during these times, it can be difficult to do so when you feel like you are missing out on big milestones with your family and friends. But technology can change that! Use video calls to stay connected even from a distance. You can be a part of your grandchildren’s birthday parties or host a family game night all through a video call while staying home and staying healthy.

Another popular trend that many families are doing to stay connected and celebrate big events together during these times is with drive-by parades. If you have a family member or friend celebrating a birthday, graduation, engagement, or birth of a child during quarantine, decorate your vehicle and organize a parade with other friends to drive by their home to show your support. They will appreciate the thought and enjoy seeing you, even if it’s from a distance!

Try New Recipes

Cooking and baking doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Use the extra time home to experiment with new recipes and find tasty meals. Once shelter-in-place is lifted, you can plan a dinner party with your closest friends that you’ve been missing and use the delicious new recipes you found to serve to your guests. If you need some help finding healthy recipes, browse our past blogs for inspiration.

Host a Viewing Party

Do you miss family movie night? Well we have good news for you! If you, your family, and your friends have a Netflix subscription, you can schedule a time to all watch a movie or show synced together through the Netflix Party extension. The feature allows you to play or pause the movie or show collectively as a group, and discuss the showing through a group chat.

If you don’t have a Netflix account, you can still access many new concerts, videos, and movies being released amid COVID-19. Musicians and artists are filming and streaming concert specials, tutorials, and programs so be on the lookout for ones that interest you. Remember, this is only temporary and you are not alone during this time. There are many ways to stay productive and entertained while home.

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