Hormone pills, patches, and pellets are all options for HRT. Here's what might be best for you!

Whether you’re dealing with the symptoms of menopause, a thyroid problem, low estrogen or testosterone, or any other type of hormone imbalance, hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, can be one of the best and most effective ways to get you feeling better again! HRT helps to alleviate symptoms that can make day to day life difficult and unpleasant, and get you feeling better again without complicated or confusing medication. 


There are a lot of different delivery methods for the hormones in HRT, and each one has its own upsides and drawbacks. If you’re considering starting hormone replacement therapy, knowing the options that are available to you in terms of how the hormones get into your system is a good place to start! Here are some of the main options to be aware of. 


Hormone pills are a very common form of HRT, in large part because they’re familiar to most patients. Not everyone has dealt with a topical patch or cream before, but almost everyone has had to take a daily pill for some reason or another. Although some hormone pills have more complex dosing schedules, most are taken once a day.


Pills are easy and effective as a delivery method for therapeutic hormones, but they do carry some potential side effects, like headaches and nausea. Additionally, if you suffer from liver problems or are at risk of strokes or blood clots, pills may not be the best plan for you, as they can exacerbate these problems. 


Hormone therapy patches stick to your skin with an adhesive and allow the hormones to be absorbed through your skin, where they eventually circulate through the rest of your system. They’re changed periodically, typically once a week, and if you’re the kind of person who frequently forgets to take medication on a daily basis, the patch might be a great option for you! They also work well for people who can’t take pills, for instance, if you have a liver problem.


However, some people aren’t good candidates for hormone patches. Anyone who spends a lot of time out in the sun should avoid this form of treatment, since the heat and light makes them release their doses too quickly, so athletes, outdoor workers, frequent tanners, and those who live in very hot climates should consider other options.

Creams, Sprays, and Gels

Patch treatments aren’t the only way to absorb hormones through your skin. You can also use creams, gels, or sprays, which are all applied to the skin to deliver the hormones. Where on the body you apply them depends on the specific topical treatment you’re using– some need to go on the leg, while some go on the arm, and so on.


Like patches, topical treatments like sprays or creams are a good option for anyone who can’t take oral pills, but you have to be careful using this form of treatment as there is a chance they might rub or wash off before being properly absorbed. Topical treatments should always be applied after a bath or shower, and allowed to fully dry before dressing.


At Renewed Vitality, pellet therapy is our preferred method of hormone delivery. While we offer other options so that each of our patients can find the treatment plan that works the best for them, we find this is one of the most effective ways to get the hormones you need circulating in your system! 


With pellet therapy, we use a simple and painless outpatient procedure to insert a hormone pellet under your skin, usually in the thigh, hip, or buttock. The pellet releases its hormones slowly without you needing to remember to take a pill, change a patch, or apply a cream, and only needs to be changed about every three to six months. Pellet therapy is safe and natural, and helps to avoid the side effects of other forms of hormone treatment.

At Renewed Vitality, the members of our team are dedicated to helping you find the hormone replacement therapy plan that works for you so that we can get you feeling better as fast as possible! If you’re interested in learning more, please don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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